Centers of Excellence

iWorks Agile Implementation Methodology (iAIM™)

iAIM™ uses an iterative and collaborative approach that facilitates internal stage gate approvals and meets release times while providing all necessary documentation in real-time.

iWorks PeopleSoft Competency Center

The iPCC addresses a full-suite of PeopleSoft applications and components using a lab of dedicated servers. We use an expedient upgrade methodology to reach Go-Live. The iPCC is comprised of knowledgeable PeopleSoft experts who provide streamlined implementations and upgrades to all types of organizations. We estimate scope and timeframes with accuracy and provide reliable estimates.

iWorks Solution Center Lab

iWorks maintains an in-house lab to support our clients’ development and testing needs. We use a cost-effective and efficient process to provide rapid prototype development and conduct automated testing in the iWorks Solution Center Lab. This allows us to validate requirements, accelerate software development, mitigate risks, and address compatibility issues before we smoothly implement the information technology (IT) solution into your server environment.

iWorks Lean Six Sigma

iWorks offers commercial Lean Six Sigma (LSS) consultation as a proven method of improving business efficiency and effectiveness. We work closely with customers to understand their processes and implement ways to streamline and standardize workflows and undertake improvement activities in systematic way.

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