Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence

We demonstrate our commitment to excellence through our investments in readily available in-house and cloud infrastructure, our culture of learning and innovation, leading industry partnerships, and continual improvement. iWorks’ Center of Excellence (COE) supports and promotes innovation and efficiency across the organization, allowing us to deliver superior Information Technology (IT) and support services to our federal government clients, maintain and advance industry certifications, and provide a dynamic work and learning environment for our team. iWorks’ COE focuses on four key elements:

1. iWorks Solution Lab – iWorks has invested extensive resources in creating a secure infrastructure. The iWorks Solution Lab provides an environment for our team to evaluate new technologies and support rapid prototyping. Our team works with technologies across all aspects of the software development lifecycle, such as requirements, development, testing, infrastructure architecture, infrastructure implementation, security and operations. The list below identifies a sample list of capabilities offered through the iWorks Solutions Lab.

  • Virtualization - VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Oracle VM
  • Cloud Native Computing - Dockers, Kubernetes, and OpenShift Containers
  • DevSecOps Tools - Jenkins, Maven, Ansible, SonarQube, Zephyr, and others
  • Database – Oracle, MongoDB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL
  • API Management and Integration – MuleSoft and ActiveMQ
  • Application and Security Monitoring – Dynatrace, Splunk, and ELK

In addition to our private cloud with over 60 virtual machines that provide an application development platform for multiple projects’ solution environments, we also maintain environments in all the major public clouds including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Computing Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure.

Benefits to our Clients: Readily available physical and cloud infrastructure; rapid prototype and production schedule; DevSecOps; Agile implementation; cost savings; secure and comprehensive collaboration; competitive edge.

2. Culture of Learning and Development– Our approach to developing talent takes several forms and helps ensure we have trained and certified IT professionals. Our iWorks Solution Lab provides an environment for staff to experiment with and learn new technologies; it ensures our staff has access to the resources they need to develop and learn. Our industry partnerships offer our team the opportunity to learn and demonstrate knowledge in various leading industry technologies. We promote learning through company directed and self-directed training. Our staff receives monetary rewards for successfully completing industry certifications, and forming teams to jointly develop and present prototypes and build projects. Our staff appreciates the opportunities presented to them and, as a result, have recognized iWorks as a Washington Post Top Workplace for five years, including 2020.

Benefits to our Clients: Talented team; stable workforce; collaborative teams; industry certifications; federal training/certification compliance.

3. Industry Partnerships – Our partnerships with industry leading technology companies align with our technology and services strategy. We strategically partner with companies to bring innovative and practical solutions that benefit our clients. We introduce our clients to our partner’s technologies and solutions through whitepapers, prototypes, and proof-of-concepts, etc. This enables us to bring together capabilities, stay ahead of technological developments, stay prepared, and deliver value to our clients. Click here to learn more.

Benefits to our Clients: Proven technology and team; proof-of-concept; prototype development; trained workforce.

4. Continual Improvement – We believe excellence can only be achieved through collecting performance metrics, self-examination, and continuous improvements. We focus on defining and maturing technical and non-technical processes and frameworks. Guided by our industry quality certifications such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 20001:2011, and ISO 27001:2013, we work with our clients to demonstrate our focus on excellence. We are one of only 75 small businesses to achieve CMMI Level 4.

Benefits to our Clients: On-time and high-quality delivery; efficient processes; culture of self-examination and continual improvement; low risk.

Client Testimonial

“iWorks asked on more than one occasion what they could do to excel. They have a genuine interest to provide the best value services to the Army.”

— Army Client