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Sue Dueitt

Sue Dueitt


Meet Dr. Sue Dueitt, a seasoned strategic advisor focusing on data science, continuous integration and delivery of Agile software development, security, operations (Dev Sec Ops), and strategic planning/communications. Her career spans both public and private sectors, where she has provided invaluable expertise to US and allied national security organizations, private companies, and defense contractors. Additionally, Sue is a sought-after public speaker.

Sue's illustrious career began in the US Army, culminating in her retirement as a Major General in 2005. Her final assignment was as Assistant G-1 and Director of Personnel Transformation at the Army Headquarters in the Pentagon, overseeing policy, programs, and budgets for IT systems related to personnel and recruitment. In a civilian capacity, she served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Systems and Resources in Army Manpower and Reserve Affairs.

Sue's academic achievements include a PhD from the University of Alabama, a Master of Arts from American University, and a Diploma from the Army War College. Her wealth of experience, leadership acumen, and dedication to national security make her an influential figure in the field. Dr. Sue Dueitt continues to shape the future of data science and national security strategy with her insights and guidance.